Call of Halo: Infinite Warfare

Discussion in 'Call Of Duty' started by Costus, Jun 24, 2017.

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  1. Costus

    Costus Moderator / Helper DSG Member

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    My opinions on this game is ****! People jump around like bunny rabbits! the only thing great about Infinite Warfare is the Campaign! Basically absolute bs in general!
    If you have any other opinion about this game post them here down in the replys / comments!
  2. BasicLethargy

    BasicLethargy New Member DSG Member

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    The first Call of Duty I played was CoD 2, the first one I played online and competitively was CoD 4. I've owned every call of Duty since CoD 2. In the entire 13 (and Counting) game series there are only 2 games that the community has almost fully hated. AW & IW. Advanced Warfare however I honestly think was better than Infinite Warfare. Since IW has came out I probably have less than 4 hours total play time, where in AW I would assume over 100 hours, and every other Call of Duty since 4 at least 500 hours. Granted I only play CoD on Console and have transitioned to primarily PC gaming over the last few year.

    With the IW release I've spent 20x more time on MWR then IW. Since the games were release simultaneously I would assume Activision new IW wasn't going to be the Greatest CoD in history. However, the reason it was probably released is simple, CoD games have always had about a 3 year development window. So IW was probably in Development a Year before AW was even release.

    Now the only reason CoD is still successful is because of a Brand. That brand has been developed about 14 years, even people who don't play video games have an idea what Call of Duty is. So as such, it will take more time for people to abandon the brand that most of the series has out performed these last 3 (not a big fan of BO3 either).

    In general though, most of the CoD community kind of debates on what games were good, some of my top CoD games are games that are disliked by many others. Some I dislike are love by others.

    Anyways my personal ranking:

    My favorites Games:
    1. Call of Duty 4: MW
    2. Call of Duty 2 (don't remember playing multiplayer, but I enjoyed the campaign enough)

    My Pretty Good Games:
    3. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Most people hate this game)
    4. Modern Warfare 2
    5. Modern Warfare 3
    6. Black Ops 2
    7. Call of Duty 3
    8. Call of Duty

    My Could Have been better Games:
    9. Black Ops
    10. World at War (Tbh, I was playing MW more when this game was released)
    11. Black Ops 3

    My Most Hated Games:
    12. Advanced Warfare
    13. Infinite Warfare

    Which tend to be different than many other peoples.
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