How to turn Windows software into Android App?

Discussion in 'PC Support' started by swiss, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. swiss

    swiss New Member DSG Member

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    Good day (or evening, depending on where you're from :p)!

    I'm looking for advice regarding turning a windows software into an app for android. For uni, I use a tablet to look things up and take notes. For a couple of projects next semester we are to conduct a few experiments for which we use thermal analysis tools (like these) that come with windows softwares to document our findings etc. I don't fancy buying a notebook for that purpose only (especially since I don't really have the money for it right now). So I was wondering if there's any (easy) way to maybe convert windows softwares into apps? That way I could just use my tablet and not have to get myself a new notebook (which I have no use for).

    I would be very very grateful for any kind of help or advice!
  2. Costus

    Costus Moderator / Helper DSG Member

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    Bluestacks or Andy!

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